Amibroker AFL Coding Service

Amibroker AFL Coding Solution

Though Amibroker AFL coding is fairly easy if you have some programming knowledge, and willing to learn. But still it is not for all. But traders and investors always wanted to implement and backtest their ideas on versatile trading softwares like Amibroker. But there are very few proffesionals who can understand the trilogy of Trading, Programming And Amibroker.

Since the start of this blog many people were requesting for implementing their trading logic in Amibroker AFL coding. Because of the expertise of the author and trust of followers, this website was very natural place in their expectation. In effor to satisfy these demand, we have started the services for custom Amibroker AFL coding as per the ideas of traders.


Features Of Amibroker AFL Coding

Paid And Free AFL Codes

If you have some light weight idea of trading that you want us to code, you can do so without any cost. But you have to share this idea to the public on this blog. And if you want it for your own only i.e. private, you have to pay the cost of coding service as per the agreed rates.

Safe And Private AFL Code

You need not to worry about the privacy of your idea and our code. It will be safe with us. It will not be shared or leaked with anyone if you have paid for it.

Hidden Logic In AFL Code

If you are very serious about the safety of your code and idea of trading. You can choose to hide the main trading logic in a seperate DLL plugin file. The Amibroker AFL Code will not show your main idea. It will be in the binary code in DLL file. The Amibroker AFL code will not work without the DLL file.

Amibroker Code Locking

If you want your AFL completely free from copying and also safe from other reverse engineers. Then we can also lock the DLL file locked for your system only. It will not work anywhere else except your system. So no one can use it in other systems. The AFL code will not work without the DLL file.

Selling Your Own Trading System

If you have a wonderful trading idea or code which you want to sell to customers. We can provide you a licensing system from which you can sell your trading strategy to other customers. It will have copy protection locked DLL file which would run on only one system. It would not run on other system except where it was installed. You can also sell subscription license for limited period also.

If you want to convert your idea in an Amibroker strategy AFL, you just need to fill the strategy builder form with the required details. Click on the below link to submit the form.


Submit Your Trading Idea For Amibroker AFL Coding 




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