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Amibroker Plugin For MagicTrend Indicator With AFL Code

Success in trading is all about making large profits and taking small losses. Consistent Profit is made only by taking large profits. All of the successful traders in the present and history like Jesse Livermore, Nicholas Darvas, George Soros, Paul Tudor Jones were trading for large trending moves and thus making larger and larger profits compared to losses.

Any trader who wants to be highly successful in trading must follow trends.

The MagicTrend Indicator Plugin For Amibroker

The MagicTrend indicator plugin for Amibroker is designed for working as a complete trend following tool. The indicator uses average true range, current price swing data with some complex logic. This is for keeping us in the position as long as the ongoing trend sustains. The indicator contains the following indications for deciding trend and low-risk entry:

  1. The color of the line and arrow direction suggests the direction of the trend. The color convention is standard. i.e. Light green for uptrend and red for the downtrend.
  2. The value of the line suggests the highest amount of correction that the price can undergo without affecting the trend direction.
  3. The risk barometer suggests a low-risk entry in the ongoing trend. The length of the color suggests the type of trade that can be entered with lower risk. If the green area in the bar is larger than the red area it suggests a long trade is possible with low risk if the ongoing trend is up and vice versa for short entry in the downtrend.

The Basic MagicTrend Indicator VS MagicTrend Indicator Amibroker Plugins

  • Improved basic code for more profit protection and lesser risk. Thus it improves profitability irrespective of parameters setting compare to the basic code.
  • Risk barometer for indication of low-risk entry in existing trend direction. Risk barometer will provide you low-risk entry setup in the current trend. So this will ultimately reduce your risk in a trade and at the same time keeps you out of unnecessary correction period and thus save time.
  • MagicTrend function exported to the Amibroker AFL Engine that will allow you to incorporate MagicTrend Indicator in your trading strategies. So if you can write your own strategies with MagicTrend Indicator with a simple MagicTrend function keyword.
  • Signal scanner afl with trend suggestion and optimum risk entry for easy stock selection.
  • Customer will get the free update free for at least 12 months.
  • Customer will have 50% discount for my next product which is lifetime membership to the premium content that is going to release soon.

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Watch the following video tutorial for more details of Amibroker Plugin For MagicTrend Indicator:

To know how to download and install the free trial of Amibroker Plugin For MagicTrend Indicator watch this video:



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